Calling All MAXIM lovers...

I'm BACK and I have my smokin' hot friends with me!
That's right! My third cover with MAXIM Magazine has just hit the shelves in Australia and I have two of my very good friends, Sheridyn Fisher & Renee Somerfield with me!
I was so thrilled to shoot this cover with my two favorite girls, we had a crazy time on set. We are already so wild together and when you add a pool, baby oil and a giant swan to the mix then someone to photograph it (Thanks Neil Dixon!) you've got some great content..
Here are a few behind the scenes pics & video from our shoot!
But don't let me do all the talking, head out and pick up your own copy and check it out for yourself - with two massive posters included! Or alternatively if you are from overseas but REALLY want your own copy, you can download it from the iTunes store HERE
 Wearing: Incredible Swim & Sheridyn Swim

The Ultimate DIY tan + Giveaways

Just before my last work trip to the U.S I made a Facebook post asking about what DIY tans are really long lasting, hydrating, develop into an amazing deep color and don’t come off patchy. Most tans I use don’t stand the test of time with traveling and it can be annoying when you are away for weeks on end constantly having to scrub off tan and reapply it every couple of days – I was inundated with comments about a new tanning product on the market named ‘Bondi Sands’.

With traveling (flying so often can be a major kill for a spray tan, it’s hard to keep your skin well hydrated as it is, let alone keeping your spray tan from cracking) and being constantly on the go between events and photoshoots I needed something that was going to last. So I gave Bondi Sands a go with my fingers crossed and to my absolute surprise it was by far one of the best tans I’ve ever tried. Any of the photos I've recently posted I have been wearing the Bondi Sands tan.

 In this post I will share with you what products I use from their range and how to maintain a long lasting tan - while doing it all yourself on the go.


EXFOLIATE: The key to having a golden tan that looks real is to ALWAYS exfoliate before you apply – This removes dead skin cells and dry skin that can make your skin look patchy and uneven. Go out & purchase a few exfoliating gloves, I find they work best! Before you start your tan, apply a small amount of body moisturizer to hands, feet, elbows and knees, make sure you rub it in! This is going to stop your tan from sticking to these parts and turning out darker than the rest of your body when you apply tan.

These are the tanning products that have become a staple in my beauty draw. I do not travel without them. Hydrating, easy to apply and the deep color I always look for in a tan.


When applying fake tan I ALWAYS use latex gloves to protect your hands, you can buy cheap disposable gloves at supermarket stores. Or alternatively you can use a mitt. Make sure you apply the tan evenly; I use the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark tanning mousse and top it with the tanning mist in the can. I love it because it comes out in a dark brown color so it’s visible if you have missed any parts or if you have applied it unevenly, this avoids having a streaky tan. If you have someone to do your back, make sure its rubbed in properly - If you don't do as much as you can and spray your back with the tanning mist. This will cover any spots you have missed.

If you DO run out of gloves or your tanning mitt has been used to death, make sure you do your tan in single sections on your body (arms and chest, stomach, then legs) but wash your hands immediately with warm soapy water (watching you don’t spray any water on your tan) in between the sections so the tan doesn’t have much time to soak into your hands. Ensure you rub in your tan thoroughly and you leave no streaky marks on your skin. After applying your tan avoid getting wet or sweating for at least six hours.

If you are using the Bondi Sands spray tan in the can, try & do it as evenly as possible (and in the shower with the fan on so it sucks up as much of that excess tan as possible – any spray tan you use tends to fall everywhere). Be sure to lay down an old mat so you don't get tanner on the bottom of your feet either. Spraying tan on yourself probably takes a bit more practice than using the mousse, so try & get someone to look over your tan after you have finished & be sure to dry it with a hair dryer or stand in front of a fan once you are done.

 When you fake tan, the ideal time to do it is at night before you go to bed so you don’t have to go out with it on. Allow at least 30 mins before jumping into bed so you can allow your tan to dry properly. To have the most even tan possible, sleep naked and if you dislike getting brown sheets from fake tan, put a towel down over your bed as some excess tan does rub off during the night.  


The morning after you self tan it is important to take a shower to wash the excess bronzer off of your skin. After you take a shower you MUST remember to moisturize – I’m in love with the Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk which moisturizes and lightly enhances your tan each time you apply. I always moisturize morning and night the following days to hydrate my skin and keep the tan from lifting and cracking. This tan is also great because it doesn’t stain your clothes or bed sheets unlike a few other fake tans that can.. If you take care of your tan, it will last for 8-9 days so here is my list I've put together in tanning and maintaining your tan;

The many sacred rules of tanning and maintaining a fake tan;
  1. Dry off completely before applying tan
  2. Before tanning do not apply any deodorant, moisturizer or oils prior to application
  3. Always moisturize day and night
  4. Do not workout the day of application
  5. Stay out of the rain, avoid back splash from the sink and MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t let your boyfriend think its funny to flick water at you while you have a spray tan drying – make this relationship rule clear early on to avoid looking like a leopard with compliments from your other half.
  6. If you do have to make a run to the store or somewhere after you do your tan, wear loose dark clothing and cover your car seat with a towel – Carry an umbrella with you in your car just in case.
  7. Stay out of saunas and don’t have long hot showers. It’s important that you don't have steaming hot showers or jump into a sauna as it greatly deprives your skin of moisture, which causes the tan to lift and crack.
  8. Always, always always wash the palms of your hands after tanning. Even when you wear gloves. The tan can sometimes creep in there!  
  9. Pools with chlorine will lift your tan and make it fade
  10. When you travel with any tan, keep it in two plastic bags. When you fly the pressure can sometimes cause products to leak. It’s not exactly ideal to have all of your clothes covered with brown tan when you open your suitcase.
All of these things may sound pedantic but are things I have learnt from over the years that contribute to having a bangin’ tan that will last.

If you would like to try Bondi Sands for yourself, you can find it at chemists or you can go online at All prices for the products are very affordable too! We have also given you the chance to win their entire range. Here's how to win;

  • Re-post this photo
  • Tag @Ellie_Gonsalves & @BondiSands
  • Hashtag #EllieGonsalves & #BondiSands

    What you will win:
  •  Total of 7 products from Bondi Sands valued at $120

    When will the winners be announced and how can I find out if I won?
    1st February 2014 at 6pm AEST on the Bondi Sands Instagram page

    How many people can win?
    Two people will be chosen

    Is this competition worldwide and available to both women AND men?

Second MAXIM Cover OUT NOW!

"The super model our very own Hustler De Tuti Hustlers Paul Heyman has pegged as the next Victoria's Secret Uber-Angel is featured in her most risque photo session to date! For the second time in one year, #HustleBootyTempTats sensation Ellie Gonsalves has landed on the cover of Maxim Australia, and this time the 22 year old beauty is wearing even less clothing than in her 1st appearance as a Maxim cover girl, which you can check out HERE!"

Yes it's true! My second MAXIM Magazine cover for the year is officially in stores around Australia - and I'm AU NATURALE! For those of you outside Australia unable to get your copy - You can download it HERE!

This shoot was very different for me, as I was nude most of the day! In this issue I chat to the MAXIM guys about what I've been up to, EXACTLY what it's like attending the PLAYBOY Mansion Halloween party (pic attached),
the launch of my sexy new swimwear collection for 2013/2014, and a few other things about walking around the house naked...But you'll just have to read it.

I am so proud to have become apart of the MAXIM family as well as recently having the opportunity to host the MAXIM HOT 100 party after being so generously placed as NO.9 on the list amongst some of my childhood idols.

Thank-you to the MAXIM team and MAXIM readers for bringing me back in my second issue and of course, Photographer Wayne Daniels for making it happen.

A few hair questions answered..

I always have a lot of questions about my hair from you guys, the two most frequently asked ones are if I wear extensions, where I get them from and how I get my curls to stay.

I love to change up my look, I have naturally long thick hair to begin with but playing with clip-in extensions gives it some extra length and actually assists with keeping the curls from dropping in my hair (my hair is SO heavy, any girls who have the same problem know what I am talking about). It also can cut your time in half getting ready when you already have your clip-ins pre-curled. I like to keep my extensions in curlers when I am not wearing them to ensure they are well taken care of and always curled if I need to clip them on in a hurry - and wash them frequently!

If you are running low on time getting ready you can easily just backcomb a little bit at the base of your hair for some volume, curl just the ends of your own hair a little then clip the extensions in. They can also change up the color of your hair depending on what color you go for. I have colored a few of my extensions lighter and darker colors so I have matched my color in my own hair.

I am a huge fan of clip-in extensions from Bombay Hair  - I use the 22inch Dirty Blonde set.

Bombay Hair have also very kindly added a 15$ gift voucher JUST for my readers, so if any of you do decide to order from the website make sure you enter 'ELLIE' into the discount code section so you can claim your gift. 

If you're someone who is not familiar with clip-ins & find the whole process a bit daunting Bombay Hair also have a few 'how to' tutorials HERE on how to properly use your new extensions.

To check out their range click BOMBAYHAIR.COM

Incredible Swim 2013 Collection Launch

I am very pleased to announce my 2013 Incredible Swim collection has officially launched today at & this is our sexiest collection yet.

You may recall the collection being featured on E! News Hollywood, New York Daily News, The Hollywood Gossip,, chat shows, gossip columns & magazines all around the world after Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice was snapped in the now famous 'Tomb Raider' bikini.

To celebrate the launch we are giving YOU and a friend the chance to:
  • Be flown up to the beautiful Gold Coast with a friend
  • Stay the night at a luxury 5 star hotel (this will be decided upon once a date is provided by the winner) 
  • Receive a custom bikini fitting with Veve at your hotel with champagne for 4 Incredible Swim bikinis of your choice & 2 for your chosen friend 
  • Have dinner with Incredible Swim designer Ellie Gonsalves & Veve designer Vanessa Bryce. 
  • Fly home the following day with your new Incredible Swim Bikinis
*Competition will run for 6 weeks & the winner to be announced September 4th 2013*

To go into the draw, simply purchase from the Incredible Swim range - once you have purchased a bikini an image will be sent for you to post on Facebook/Instagram/twitter.
Follow the instructions on the photo & tag @Ellie_Gonsalves, @IncredibleSwim & @VeveSwimwear #EllieGonsalves #IncredibleSwim on your photo. Contestants can post up to 2 images per week.

The Incredible Swim collection is inspired by a love for glamorous swimwear & the desire to bring fantasy, beauty & a sense of exclusivity into every womans life.

As a customer, the Veve team & I understand & appreciate every woman is unique & you have parts of your body you want to accentuate, therefore, we have special services that allow you to tailor make your bikini to suit your needs. Padded to non-padded, different size tops & bottoms to make certain you have the perfect fit.

Thank you to my Incredible Swim team for the 2013 collection:
Photographer: Ryan Astamendi |
Hairstylist: Andrew Hernandez |
Make-up: Evelyn Ramirez |

Find the entire Incredible Swim collection at